Your Golden Shadow

Cairo Rha

Most of us tend to live life at the precipice of freedom and greatness. 

We can feel our creative potential and deepest desires but still find excuses and distractions to stop us from giving our greatest gifts or going after what we most want.

The aspect of our psyche that stops us from living our dearest dreams and giving our most precious gifts is what Carl Jung called the Golden Shadow. These days we often hear the same psychic force talked about as the impostor syndrome.

In this workshop we will:

~ Investigate how the Golden Shadow and impostorism show up in your life.

~ Bring focus to your core talents and traits.

~ Explore the beliefs that make you reluctant to give our gifts wholeheartedly.

~ Apply consciousness practices that can shift core fears.

~ Anchor into the depths of being and the confidence this brings.

~ Take ownership for what we would do if you knew you couldn’t fail.

~ Identify actions you can take post workshop represent giving your best to life.

The goal is for you to leave the workshop with a deep sense of self-honesty and the personal power to be all you are and give all you’ve got.


I am a ‘therapeutic coach-sultant’ who works with people and groups across a broad spectrum of life areas including business, mindset, communication, intimacy and more. With a background spanning coaching, consultancy, business, teaching, spirituality, the therapeutic and creative arts,

I am a passionate teacher with a knack for making learning simple, transformational and fun. My commitment is that if you choose to join me you will walk away feeling honored, inspired, and enriched.


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