Yoga for Mental Health Workshop

Fabienne Hansoul

Yoga consists of many components for a healthy lifestyle, incorporating the physical, emotional, energetic and mental layers.

This workshop is specially designed for those who are curious and open to growing by learning new ways to improve their overall mental health. And to achieve a positive and emotionally stable mind to support their daily challenges.

It is so true that in these difficult and chaotic times, we all easily experience stress, negativity and anxiety at one time or another. Causing us discomforts such as sleep deprivation, digestive disorders, apprehensions, mood swings or motor tensions. With a strong, resilient, positive and emotionally healthy mind, we can support and prevent these future pains.

In this experiential workshop, you will move, breathe and think. Shed light on the signs of mental health debt. And learn some basics about self-regulation and the right steps for a mentally healthier life, using your bodily and mental resources.


Fabienne, founder of Rise Within_Leadership Coaching, is a deeply committed change agent, certified coach, psychologist and yoga instructor.

Based in Bangkok, she works equally for individuals, corporate and humanitarian sectors. Her mission: to help human beings increase their impact in this world with their true selves engaged and firmly anchored in this ever-changing world.

Through individual or group coaching, mastery of body and mind, and the fundamentals of a wise yogic lifestyle, she helps her clients to gradually remove obstacles to better living, to become aware of their blind spots and to develop their capacity for self-leadership.

Ultimately, to act wholeheartedly towards the impact they want to create in this world. The MBS fair is an event she would not miss as it reminds us all that belonging to a community and supporting each other make it possible to grow better and further.


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