Yoga Coaching

Fabienne Hansoul

Yoga coaching
In individual sessions, I wish to offer personal coaching sessions to strengthen the presence and develop self-awareness (knowledge of Self) and this in the light of the teaching of the traditional Yoga psychology. Each participant will see their current quest or dilemma (it can be anything really of the topics listed here below) guided towards clarification and step by step towards self-transformation with the Yoga Model to Coaching.

Your quests may be:
– How to strengthen useful mental actions towards clarity of thought and action? if you are currently overwhelmed with unnecessary inner chatter and are looking for ways to calm it down.

– What are the root causes that prevent change and prevent me from rising harmoniously in this world? if you don’t act wholeheartedly to achieve your goals and instead feel stuck with your obstacles

– How to align my daily actions in the rightful direction and find a feeling of fulfilment? if you are at a crossroads and lack motivation in everything you do


Fabienne, the founder of Rise Within – Leadership Coaching. She is an individual Coach, Inner Change Agent and Yoga Instructor.
Based in Bangkok, she works for the corporate and humanitarian sectors throughout Southeast. Through individual coaching and mastery of the mind, thoughts and feelings, she supports her clients to peel little by little obstacles to better living, to become aware of their blind spots and develop their internal leadership capacity to bounce back, and, ultimately, to act heartedly towards the impact they want to create in this world.
Fabienne specializes today in developing purposeful leadership skills based on the Yoga Psychology to coaching.

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