Yin Yoga - stretch and relax deeply

Jennifer Chapman

The Green Room welcomes you to this yin yoga class with Jen. It’s accessible to everyone and you can join wearing any clothes you can move in. 

You’ll be guided through a slow sequence of seated poses for a deep release of the more yin like tissues in the body. 

This helps to relief stress, and improve flexibility and circulation. Yin yoga has 3 simple principles- bringing the body into a manageable stretch (the ‘edge point’), resolving to stay still in the stretch and holding the stretch for a certain time (usually 2-5mins). 

The practise is deeply relaxing, whilst also requiring a mindful attention. A carefully made music playlist accompanies the Yin class and you’re likely to float out the door after class 😊 


Jen is originally from the UK and was previously a professional dancer before she began teaching yoga and hosting soundbaths in 2015. 

Trained to teach in many styles, she leads open-level, safe and imaginative classes at her spacious studio, The Green Room, in Sukhumvit soi 31. 

Her aim is to encourage people to feel good in their body, in their relationship to themselves and with others and she truly believes that the practice of yoga and soundbath meditation can help achieve that.


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