Women’s Circle - Healing the Sister Wound

Tamara Klemich Koron

In this beautiful workshop, we will sit in circle as women and lean into the centuries-old sister wound. 

We will talk about the ways we create disconnection and competition between us, where this comes from and we will hold a ceremony to heal this wound so we can come together and support one another to shine our lights on this planet.


Tamara is a Feminine Embodiment & Sexuality Facilitator & Coach & Co-Queen at The Jade Temple on Koh Phangan. She believes sexually empowered women will change the world and the key to our power is through our bodies – our relationship to our bodies, our sexuality, our sensations, feelings & emotions. 

Tamara is a Tanrika, a musician and a nature lover. When not at The Jade Temple you will find her playing Kirtans around the island or at one of her favourite waterfalls. 



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