Waves of Life, Waves of Death

Christopher Freeland

We all know we are immersed in an environment of energy, but with very little idea as to the nature of what that is about. How does it work and what  impact does it has on ourselves, nature and the environment at large?

The aim of this session is to offer a practical explanation with some simple solutions that have demonstrated their worth over a twenty-year period across the planet, and still function!

Based on a combined scientific and holistic appreciation of the challenges confronting us, thanks to some 20 years as a technical French-English translator, specialized in telecoms and nuclear electricity generation, Christopher shares some of the solutions discovered as a result of his research and practice as a former Hindu sannyasin, radiesthesist, student of TCM, Ayurveda and traditional astrology, and inventor.

The energetic aspects covered are EMF (mobile telephony and our favourite gadgets), telluric and geopathic influences, pollution of food, air and water. 

Christopher’s work as a researcher into natural laws, is all about harmony. If, as seems to be the case, activity/energy is an extension of Consciousness, there is every reason to believe that the feeling most of us have of unity or love is due to our being a part of a totality, quite inseparable from it. That discovery can only be made and lived individually, which is what wise people have been telling us since time immemorial. Now, that understanding has to be nurtured and attended to, like a garden that you want to nourish with wholesome and healthy sustenance, applied on all the planes we are fortunate enough to experience. 

Christopher’s focus at present is oriented on water and magnetism because these appear to be the vital means through which the multiple manifestations of frequency impact our phenomenal world and individual metabolism, and those two domains provide a medium via which we are able to bring an influence to bear. Especially with regard to opportunities for restoring health and harmony thanks to a careful application of those frequencies by means of various tools and techniques.

The background to the accumulation and assimilation of the knowledge base is a lifetime of travel, ongoing experimentation and study; research into Chinese, Indian, Thai, Cambodian, Burmese, Balinese, Sri Lankan, Nepalese and Tibetan cultures and traditions, as well as modern and medieval European, Egyptian and Celtic lore. This labour was considerably helped by an ability to listen, observe and learn, in other words, to place the cerebral intellect at the service of the all-conscious, intuitive heart.

Christopher’s alternative education as a Hindu monastic, soldier, safari-guide in Africa, horse trainer in California, technical translator in the nuclear and telecoms domains, and life-long student and observer provide an interesting edge.


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