Voice Healing session

Anetta Rosenvinge

Voice Healing session, a treatment using sound and Reiki energy. I use my voice intuitively to connect with you. Sound is vibration and it connects with your body on a cellular level, helping you release old patterns that you are ready to release, balancing your chakras and making way for any thing new that you are ready to integrate. Voice healing is a beautiful and unique treatment that has to be experienced to understand how it works.

No preparation from you needed!


Anetta Rosenvinge is a Norwegian singer/actress, vocal coach, program developer & voice healer/Reiki practitioner. She started singing when she was 7 years old and teaching at the age of 17.
She has worked with children and adults from all over the world while living in Norway, Singapore and Thailand. Music has alway been a big part of Anetta┬┤s life and she is the first female from Europa to graduate from “La Salle college of the arts” in Singapore, Asia’s largest art school at the time.

Using sound to heal and in therapy is something that came to Anetta as a strike of lightening, trusting in the process and follow through made her able to develop these powers and comfortable sharing them with the world.
In her own words:
“There is nothing more powerful than to be able to connect with the beautiful souls that I get to work with, see them heal (myself included) and let go of old belief systems, stepping into their light power and really shine.”

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