Vision coaching

Cairo Rha

If you are an ethical entrepreneur who wants to increase your clarity, ease, and ability to scale, my vision oriented coaching session will leave you with:
~ Inspiration about your purpose and possibilities
~ A refined sense of your long and mid term visions
~ Clear goals and action steps for making your visions reality
~ A keen sense of how to balance the key aspects of your life

These sessions are only for people who have one or more active projects or businesses. Please apply if the following is true for you:
~ You are an engaged entrepreneur
~ You are ready to take things to another level.
~ You believe in the importance of combining inner and outer work.
~ You may be willing to invest in yourself if you were confident the return on investment would create greater financial abundance over time.


Hi, I’m Cairo, a therapeutic coachsultant and leader of Self Craft, an intimate education coaching and business academy operating from Mae Hong Son.

I am a highly successful coach and facilitator with a background spanning consultancy, teaching, marketing, the therapeutic & creative arts, I am also the co-creator of Self Craft’s Creator Coaching methodology and support a community of facilitators to teach this work to groups across the world.

My work is where the spiritual meets the professional and where purpose meets pragmatism. I have worked with hundred of people across dozens of industries, supporting them to build their skills, clarify their visions, and create more inspiring lives and results.

Within my own business, over recent years I have:
~ Grown our coaching academy from my wife and I, to a team of over twenty.
~ Successfully launched long-term, intensive, one-on-one and one to many offerings.
~ Had our work translated into and delivered in six languages across five continents.
~ Scaled the prices of my one-one-one work over 1000%.

As a coach my core focus is to support ethical entrepreneurs to create more success, richer relationships, and sustained wellbeing through deep inner work, practical consultation, helping them become great communicators, and holding them to account.

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