Unlock Your Intuition with Oracle Cards

Sabina Ahuja

Join Sabina for a transformative 50-minute workshop that will assist you in accessing your inner wisdom and harnessing the power of intuition through the use of oracle cards. Whether you are new to oracle cards or eager to learn more, this class will bring you into a deep connection with your intuition, using oracle cards and symbolism as a tool. 


You will be guided to understand the significance of oracle cards and learn how to cultivate a stronger connection with your intuition. Let’s meditate and play together. 


Sabina, a Holistic Therapy Specialist and Reiki Energy Teacher with a decade of experience, will be your guide in this workshop. She is also the founder of Journey to Love, holistic wellness hub. Sabina’s own journey with oracle cards commenced at the age of 11, and since 2017, she has been professionally guiding individuals in harnessing their innate intuition and utilizing oracle cards effectively through her 2-Day course called ‘Divine Voice.’ This session will be a mini taster of that workshop. 

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