Theraparty! A Workout for the Mind, Body, Spirit!

Kaylan & Cairo Rha

“Theraparty is like a buffet for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Designed to make all of you come alive, Theraparty combines meditation, games, music, dance, conversation, sound healing, breathwork and more into a seamless flow.

For the Fair, we have adapted our usual multi-hour form to create a dynamic workout for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Our intention is to ignite your life force, activate your sense of personal power, and inspire creative freedom.

To do this, in our time together we will:

✨ Use meditation technique to expand our consciousness.

✨ Raise our voices together to raise our spirits.

✨ Get playful through some super fun games.

✨ Get wildly free through facilitated dance.

✨ Be serenaded by angelic vocals and crystal bowls.

✨ Use your breath to access deep states of awareness.

✨ Contemplate how you can turn your peak state towards transformational action.


Kaylan and Cairo are the co-creators of Theraparty and, more broadly, Self Craft and the Creator Coaching methodology. Both of us have over 20 years professional experience in the therapeutic and creative arts. 

Our shared commitment is to marry depth with fun, spirituality with practicality, and to inspire love in action.


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