The Why How & What of A Spiritual Revolution

Philip Keay

Humankind in the 2000s finds itself in intensely turbulent times of transition. Many individuals suffer with their wellbeing, especially emotionally and psychologically. Many more feel powerless to make lasting, positive changes to their life. ‘Something’ seems to be blocking us.

A Spiritual Revolution is Philip’s complete solution for the healing of humankind, by radically transforming the way we do education. Necessarily this starts with adults, especially parents, educators, leaders, wellness-seekers and all those who care about humanity and life. 

A Spiritual Revolution is a learning journey of self-inquiry, through guided discovery, towards YOU taking charge of YOUR life, health and destiny. At the heart of this journey is uncovering and discovering just who YOU are: the real true you. Only then can you make enduring, beautiful changes to your life.

The aim of this workshop is for you to be inspired with a real sense of a pathway you can take to put holistic health into your life, and to be a mentor and motivator for others to do in kind. It is interactive and fully participatory, so bring your heart! 

Philip is a groundbreaking educator, spiritual teacher and author. He holds a Master’s in English Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics from King’s College London. His brand of education has two major objectives: to empower adults to master their learning and communication skills, and to have fun while doing so. He was an Ajarn on the MA TESOL Program at Payap University In Chiang Mai for 12 years. Now he is building a learning skills academy to ‘teach’ holistic and spiritual living to adults and adolescents.


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