The Time Alchemist

Monique Lindner

Transform Your Goals into Reality – A Mindful Approach

Ready to turn your dreams into actionable plans? Join us for an empowering workshop that’s inspired hundreds over the past 6 years!

What You’ll Discover:

Mindful Goal Setting: Learn how to set goals that resonate with your true aspirations.

Breakdown to Breakthrough: We’ll guide you in breaking down your goals into manageable steps.

Create Your Roadmap: Walk away with a clear, customized plan to achieve your objectives.

Why This Workshop?

My unique approach blends various goal-setting techniques, offering something for everyone – including tailored strategies for neurodiverse individuals. Whether you think in lists, visuals, or colors, we have a method that will work for you.

This isn’t just about reaching goals; it’s about setting them in a way that’s aligned with your deeper values and unique mind.

Join us and reshape the way you approach your aspirations!

Monique Lindner, Founder of The Time Alchemist and author of The T.I.M.E. Method® is redefining work culture by fostering mindfulness, celebrating uniqueness, and driving sustainable growth. 

With 23+ years of experience, Monique, an integrator, coach, and public speaker, has helped numerous clients from startups to Fortune 500 giants by optimizing performance, increasing revenue and creating strong team culture. 

Her neuroscience- & mindfulness based approach helps leaders reclaim time, create more freedom, and cultivate impactful, sustainable businesses.


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