The Sensual Self: Exploring an embodied way of being

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Tetra Breath is a therapeutic breathing practice that uses breath for healing and awakening. By following a specific breathing pattern your mind gradually enters a subtly different state of consciousness and a natural healing system is activated in the body. This type of breath developed at Samma Karuna and based on the circular breath may bring both healing to your body and the experience of spiritual awakening.

This technique aims to release the energetic blockages and by this allowing the natural healing process to happen.

It’s advisable to come to the practice wearing loose comfortable clothing, bring some water and avoid having heavy meals a couple hours before. 


Ishi is the founder and lead teacher of Samma Karuna, international school of Awakening & Healing. Ishi has been teaching Tantra for over 10 years and practicing for over 16 years. 

He is also an experienced Vipassana meditator, Breathwork facilitator and creator of a number of social meditations (including Samma Karuna AUM mediation, Sacred hug meditation and Shower of love mediation among others) as well as a breathwork system known as Tetra Breathwork.

He is author of Intimidades(R), a Tantric board-game sold in South America. Ishi has a background in dance therapy, having studied Biodanza in Argentina and creator of the dance therapy system known as BioDevelopment(R).


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