The Hot LIPS of Love

Cairo Rha

Communication is the wild, lifeblood of connection and love.

It has the capacity to fulfil core needs or to trigger our deepest wounds. When it comes to our most important relationships, while love may be the goal, communication is the path.

The Hot Lips of Love will offer you a practical compass for nurturing truth, understanding and love with everyone from your lover to your friends and family.

Focusing on a range of inner and outer dynamics that can enrich or harm our intimate relationships, during our time together we will:

~ Explore HOT communication by focusing on Humility, Openness and Truth.

~ Bring awareness to the LIPS of communication: how we practise Listening, Inquiry, Presence and Speech 

~ Identify our personal Elephants of Communication including the four common patterns that thwart communion

The Hot Lips of Love, will build bridges between your heart, mind, and mouth. It will also bring awareness to counter-productive patterns and support you to deepen your experience of love. For therapists and coaches, you will leave also with tools to support those you serve to transform their relationships.

Backed by research based methodologies and over 20 years of practical experiments in my personal and professional life, this work, works.”


I am a ‘therapeutic coach-sultant’ who works with people and groups across a broad spectrum of life areas including business, mindset, communication, intimacy and more. With a background spanning coaching, consultancy, business, teaching, spirituality, the therapeutic and creative arts,

I am a passionate teacher with a knack for making learning simple, transformational and fun. My commitment is that if you choose to join me you will walk away feeling honoured, inspired, and enriched.


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