Tantra without Awareness, De-mystified

Satyama Lasby

Without meditation, there is no Tantra. There is sex, there are projections, there is insecurity, laughter, blaming others for how we feel, desire, shame and everything humans experience, but there is no Tantra. This experiential workshop brings you through a series of interactive and yogically-based active meditations and a ritual to give you a sense of where Tantra is trying to go, for the few beings who are ready for the secrets to be revealed. Please come with an intention, leave your words inside.

Satyama Ratna Lasby is an international teacher of hatha, vinyasa and tantric yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings. Taking deep learnings from the subtle and physical realms she studied yoga and became a teacher in the Integrative Yoga Therapy style of yoga in the US in 2003 which led to her discovery of Sivananda yoga 2005 and later a passion and commitment to meditation. She became a sanyassin in 2009 in Pune from her deepened fascination of meditation which led to real experiences in Tantra. With yoga as the consistent base, she has taught trainings all over the world, also Chi Nei Tsang, natural abdominal healing and massage trainings as an alternative to the medical industry. Satyama has a deep interest and love of the authenticity of tantra, neo-tantra and the misaligned human beliefs about Tantra. For the past ten years, she has lived in Koh Phangan, Thailand and in Portugal giving retreats and operating Open to Bliss, her own training and retreat company which she began in 2012. She has recently published “The Tao of Tantric Yoga.” which offers a necessary link between yoga, tantra and truth.


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