Spiritual Soul Guide & Omtri Shamanic Energy Healing

Naiyana Thongmanee

I would like to invite you to experience my first hand process of release, reconnecting & remembering your innate wisdom. You will learn breathing techniques & healing meditation, receive soul path therapy with information and guidance intuitively to prepare us to enter into a deeper healing state for calibration & expand your energy meridian to increase the flow of information and connect to your true knowledge and power within with own crafted energy healing session. Omtri is a combination of 3 healing modalities: cosmic connection, crystal & eastern shamanic methodology.

I guide other individuals and groups to release, rebalance emotionally, spiritually and even physically in their self discovery journey. In the past 6 years I held space for healers, teachers, students, business entrepreneurs, office workers, artists, musicians, writers, and anyone, of any age, who seek to master their life and their professions and being peace within.


My approaches in living, learning and teaching are based on eastern traditional healing philosophy and knowledge that has been pasted down from our ancestries. With these knowledge I am able to craft each unique journey and guide individual on their self discovery with acceptance, letting go, forgive and finding harmony within and out.
I have not intention to harm you nor myself. Trust is essential in this journey. If your heart feel the call , reach out Thank you for taking time to read me, Naiyana.

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