Speak to Your Child's Divine Through Letter Writing

Marcus Aurelius Higgs

Is your child lacking confidence or struggling with adversity? Uplift them by attending our “Speak to Your Child’s Divine Through Letter Writing” workshop. In this 60-minute interactive session for parents and guardians of tweens and teens and children of any age. We’ll guide you to identify your child’s innate character strengths like courage, creativity, or kindness and write an inspiring letter praising those virtues.

You’ll learn to craft a thoughtful message sharing real examples of your child demonstrating goodness, provide encouragement to further develop their gifts, and reinforce their self-worth. This workshop will provide you with strategies to continue communicating through inspiring words, letters and conversations, helping your child recognize their connection from within to something greater.

Leave empowered, with a completed strengths-based letter for your child, written straight to their inherent goodness and strength (Inner Divine). With practice, your words of affirmation can become a valuable source of confidence and comfort as your child navigates growing up.

Bring a notebook, pen, and an open heart. Arrive ready to reflect deeply on uplifting your child. The gift of your words and belief in them has the power to change their self-image.

Marcus is a former English Language Arts teacher and missionary who now uses his words and creative writing skills to have a positive impact on the emotional and mental well-being of global families. 

He does this by helping families bring their awareness to their innate character strengths, found in all humanity, and cultivating these strengths. His work is rooted in the belief that character strengths are an expression of the human spirit, reflecting the best of our nature and a connection to the Divine.

He regularly writes poetry and essays at Certain Future, a publishing house for developing character strengths to support family well-being and entrepreneurial success. His most recent collection of poetry is “Inspire Life Through Words of Well-Being”.


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