Soundscapes Unveiled SoundJourney

Poi, Kaylan, Evelin

Special Collaboration Workshop: 

Soundscapes Unveiled SoundJourney

Experience the enchanting synergy of Tibetan & crystal bowls, gongs, and other healing instruments as three accomplished sound healers come together to create a transcendent sonic experience.

**Meet Our Sound Healers:**

  1. Poi Anutcha Chandawiang

   Embark on a sonic voyage with Poi Anutcha, Manager at Chiang Mai Holistic, Sound Healer, and Event Organizer. With over five years of experience in the wellness industry, Poi specializes in driving good health in children and Thai teenagers. As a Tibetan & Crystal Bowls Sound Therapist and RYT 200 hr, she brings a spirited process of change and growth that lasts a lifetime. Join her at the MBS Festival for an uplifting journey into the world of sound healing.

  1. Kaylan Rha    

 Step into the transformative realm with Kaylan Rha, a visionary co-founder of Self Craft Creator Coaching Academy. With over 20 years in the healing arts, Kaylan’s dedication to fostering transformative healing experiences is unparalleled. Immerse yourself in her Soundscapes for the Soul, where crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, flutes, and drums create not just auditory experiences but profound journeys resonating with every fiber of your being. Join Kaylan for an unforgettable exploration into joy, empowerment, and the art of crafting a life filled with wholeness.

  1. Evelin Nagy

   Elevate your senses with Evelin Nagy, a devoted guide to harmonious, joyful, and grounded living through gong sound healing sessions, yoga, meditation, and coaching since 2015. As the co-founder and organizer of Thailand’s Mind Body Spirit Fair, Evelin is deeply involved in creating transformative experiences. Join her for an immersive journey into self-discovery and healing at the MBS Festival, where she shares the transformative tools that have personally empowered her. 🌈

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