Shamanism in Everyday Life

Jamie Wrate

An experiential talk on the shamanistic perspective and on using ritual to bridge our inner and outer worlds.

We’ll cover how shamanism is similar and distinct to other systems of inquiry and how we can use shamanistic tools  and sense-making to engage with our own mythology and live with more harmoniously and insight.

Jamie is an IFS Informed coach, trainee psychotherapist and plant medicine facilititator, trained in Somatic Plant Medicine Integration and initiated in the shamanism of the Mother Goddess with shaman Xamam Alba Maria. He initiated with Mankind Project in 2013 and has held circles since 2018. Jamie has degrees in Law and History and worked for a homelessness NGO and taught in London schools before his journey into healing and the wellbeing sphere. He has a Hatha yoga TTC and holds black belt in Aikido.



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