Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing / Power Animal Retrievals

Steban Pantoja

Power Animal Retrieval: Entering into a relaxed state, and into the Shamanic state of consciousness to perform a shamanic journey for the client, to meet the power spirit animal that would like to come and help that specific person through his/her life. Once found, I will infuse it in the client’s body and aided with a rattle and a drum will strengthen the new bond between the client and the power animal. After this, we will have an open conversation with the client to explore feelings and sensations, possible meanings that this animal might have for this client, and practices to maintain a healthy connection with the helping spirit.

Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing: Connection with the client’s body and energy I scan it. This allows me to locate possible stagnant or imbalanced energy that comes in forms of an intuition (usually animals and nature). Once located I will have a conversation with the client asking for some relevant information that will allow either the removal, infusing or clearing of energy. Chants, rattling, drumming and the usage of feathers are used to stimulate the flow of energy. After this, we will have an open conversation with the client to explore feelings and sensations, exchange intuitions and establish practices to help the client to improve and maintain the sense of wellness that this session will make them feel.

Welcome to a magic realm of healing and connection with our spirit guides and mother earth.I am a Colombian Shamanic practitioner and a Mother Earth advocate on a constant journey to healing myself, guiding and witnessing others’ healing journey, animals, plants and the planet. I love sharing the great medicine and infinite love that nature has for us.​Rooted in Latin American background, I bring the power from my roots, from a sacred land of indigenous people a long time conquered, but still pulsating with beauty, magic, music, joy, majestic lands, great spirits and spiritual connectionsAs a fact of synchronicity, Shamanism involves dancing, singing, music and chants to heal, to strengthen the connection with helping spirits, to embody the elements and to honor yourself and your guides. It allows us to create a bridge that strengthens our connection with the environment, with the animals and plants, and aids in our relationship with others and with ourselves.Living Shamanically, expands our perception and to explore the universe beyond the limitations of culture, limited believes and fear, allowing us to thrive in this beautiful experience called life, from a place of universal love, self-love and nurture.
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