Self Belly Massage Workshop

Jasmin Kuester

This is a simple self-practice to connect and gracefully attune to our inner world and acknowledge stored emotions that are held in the cellular memory of your body. 

The naval and belly are the core of our being. The place where we first came onto physical existence in our human form. Connecting with this part we create space for deep relaxation, an opening to let go of old stored emotions and integrate a relationship and dialog with ourselves, our emotions, sensations, and our internal world. 

To cultivate presence, feel more comfortable in our body and increase mental and emotional clarity supporting us to live a more embodied life.

We often experience stress and emotions that can get overwhelming. It is common in our culture and fast-paced lives to neglect or ignore our emotions, not giving them the room and space to be felt, acknowledged and processed.

By dissociating from our internal emotional world, brushing them under the carpet and not listening to our ‘gut feeling’ we loose connection to a balanced sense of self and the ability to be in touch with our intuition. This compromises our capacity to experience the whole spectrum of human emotions, pleasant and unpleasant.

Through gentle massage and deep listening, we can easily and directly access these stored emotions again to release and integrate them into our lives, which can offer us more presence, calm, and peacefulness in our day to day.


I have been dedicated to further developing an approach to this modality that is integrating a precise release and integration of old stagnant emotions and energy blockages that is as gentle as possible while being as effective as possible.

I am passionate about holding space for deep states of receptivity to our internal world and offering guidance on expanding emotional awareness and how to gracefully navigate our emotional reality.

By holding safe space for releasing held emotions, tension, and contractions and by allowing the body and nervous system to relax into a gentle opening through breath and meditative states we create space for the fluid circulation of life force to improve vitality, mental and emotional clarity, and expand our connection to body, mind, and spirit.

Our abdomen is the core of our being and the seat of our consciousness where our life force is generated and stored, sharing the philosophy and Daoist tradition that understands our emotions as part of our life force and connecting to this part of us offers deeper acceptance of all aspects of ourselves and a more embodied life.


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