Release your Emotions with Writing and Creativity

Amandine Mas

A surprising guided journey where you have nothing else to do but plunge into your unrevealed inner world. From you highest creative flow, you’ll understand, align and connect your bodily sensations, your secret intuitions, your breath power, your most elevated emotions and your most potent thoughts (only with a notebook, a pen and art materials – provided) – Specially designed for sensitive and intuitive souls.


Highly sensitive since childhood, I’ve struggled for 3 decades with an emotional overflow and chaotic overthinking that led me toward a lot of social isolation and rejection.

Since January 2018, I daily express my rich inner world, all my thoughts, feelings, ideas, intuitions and visions, in a simple notebook.

I didn’t know this “simple routine” could transform me at all levels (physically, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, professionally). I also didn’t expect it would take me to the unforgettable adventure of writing my first book.

That’s why, for 5 years, I’ve crafted and taught The Magic Notebook, a holistic writing method tailored to express the real you beyond your agitated mind and wounded ego. 

Magic Notebook is a mindful and creative combination between neuroscience, mindfulness, hypnosis, somatic breath techniques, energy work and mindful art. 

And my mission is to guide you freely express your unprocessed emotions, your hidden sensibility, your authentic story and your real message, in order to put them at the service of your well-being, your relationships, your business, your marketing and your own book.

Feel free to let me know what you’ve been craving to write, express or share for years…. Ok ?


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