Rebirthing Breathwork Journeys

Rachel Constantino

Release your Stress & Worry, and Activate Inner Peace in this Rebirthing Breathwork Journey.

In this 2 hour breathwork ceremony, we use conscious connected breathing to flush the body with healing energy, in order to release all that is no longer serving you. This breathwork will support you with facing your fears, releasing limiting beliefs, and stepping into your Full Power.

This is your opportunity for a Reset. A Recharge. A Rebirth.

This session also includes a powerful mini coaching session to help you identify your intentions & uncover what you are ready to let go of & release, so that you can leave this session with more clarity, feeling lighter & more at ease.

You will need to create a safe, sacred space where you can lay down, undisturbed for the duration of the session.

Cost: 1600 Baht

About Rachel
Rachel is a Breathwork & Mindset Coach, Ceremony Facilitator & Holistic Healer with a passion for helping people take control over their own happiness and well-being.

She is dedicated to helping people move away from their over-thinking, over-working minds, and into the space of the heart so they can experience more peace & joy in their lives.

Many people describe Rachel as having a loving, down-to-earth presence, which allows her teachings to be accessible and relatable to many.

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