Qigong to Charge your Core Energy

Marisa Cranfill

Qigong is the Chinese word for energy cultivation. The roots of Qigong come from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daoist shamanism and alchemy. 

The practice combines flowing movement, breath and intention to balance and transform our life force energy, called ‘Qi’ to its greatest potential. The energy field of Chiang Mai has a powerful connection to heaven and earth that supports our core energy. 

In this session, Marisa will guide you through classic Qigong and internal alchemy practices to connect to these forces and activate your core energy through the Central meridian channel. 

This routine is great for everyone to boost the immune system, protective energy, confidence and promote an overall feeling of fulfilment and grace. This balancing and dynamic class is suitable for all levels, body types and can be adjusted to your physical needs. 

Comfy and stretchy clothing suitable for movement is recommended. 

Marisa Cranfill is the founder of YOQI® Yoga + Qigong. Frequent trips as a child inspired Marisa to study academically and work in Asia for over 20 years. While living in China and Thailand she received direct transmission from qigong masters, nuns and healers in both the Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Marisa developed the YOQI® method over years of teaching yoga and qigong at meditation retreats. The method follows the Six Phases of Qi Flow to remove energy blockage and promote self-healing and spiritual insight. 

Marisa is a certified (E-RYT® 500) yoga, Yin Yoga, Vipassana meditation and Qigong instructor. While her primary Qigong master is Mantak Chia of the Universal Healing Tao school, Marisa has trained with many Qigong and Taijichuan teachers around the world including well known masters. She has been described as the Qigong Flow Queen, with a video on demand library cataloging over 300 flows and is currently the # 1 female Qigong YouTube channel in the world. A generous and light-hearted teacher, she guides her students through direct experience.


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