Qigong Flow for Inner Peace

Marisa Cranfill

Qigong is the Chinese word for energy cultivation. The roots of Qigong come from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist alchemy. 

The practice combines flowing movement, breath and intention to balance and transform your life force energy, called ‘Qi’. When we combine our Qi in a group, we can create a collective field of Qi and share this Qi for individual and world healing.

In this session Marisa will guide you through an energetic journey to create inner peace and world peace. 

This gentle and dynamic class is suitable for all body types and can be adjusted to your physical needs. Comfy and stretchy clothing suitable for movement is recommended.


Marisa Cranfill is the founder of YOQI © Yoga + Qigong. Over twenty years ago she discovered Qigong as a student in China. 

Soon after she combined it with a yoga practice and experienced amazing results: more sensitivity to energy, self-healing and access to nature’s unlimited potential. 

Marisa is a certified 500RYT yoga, yin yoga, Vipassana meditation and Qigong instructor that currently divides her time between Bangkok and San Diego. 

She is popularly known for her extensive online video library and YouTube channel offering beautiful follow along routines that are accessible to all ages. 


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