Power, Love and Communication

Cairo Rha

At this time of increased divergence and high stakes consequences, growing our ability to communicate with love and power is more important than ever.

The world needs powerful communicators who can confidently express their needs, ideas and visions. It also needs communicators who can express themselves lovingly and who can support others to do the same.

As it stands, for many of us, communication can be a minefield, fraught with triggers and challenges. This is your invitation to turn the minefield of communication into a gold mine of connection and creative possibilities.

~ The fundamental LIPS of communication: Listening, Inquiry, Presence and Speech.
~ How we can become more skilled listeners.
~ The art of asking good questions.
~ The importance of presence in all communication.
~ Key principles of conscious speech including visible thinking, and respectful language.

You will leave with building blocks to:
~ Become a more powerful and loving communicator.
~ Transform relationships through listening and inquiry.
~ Communicate in ways that build bridges and deepen connection.

Research shows communication skills are the greatest determinant of satisfaction, longevity and success. Join us to bring more love and power to your communication, to transform your life, and the world.

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