PLB Piercing Light Breathwork Journey

Kru Bank

The breath-dicine journey from subconscious to superconscious mind.


Piercing Light Breathwork (PLB), like many other styles of breathwork modalities or pranayama from ONE source, aims to maximize oxygen advantage level in our body and electromagnetic resonance in our biofield as well as awakening the hidden potential energy through the base of the spine upwards to the crown to clear, and purge the subconscious, undigested trauma, trapped e-motions, relationship knots, muscle knots and hidden suppressed tears and e-motions in order to return home to state of blissful homeostasis soaked by pure love, grace and pierced by light.

This style of breathwork [PLB] is channelled by kru Bank’s self practice to get high without drugs and bliss out in gamma brainwave over the last decade mixed with many styles of yoga especially inspired by kundalini yoga.

It encompasses 5 elements: 

  1. Air bending: breathing techniques and energetic locks, sound healing and affirmations

2-3. Earth & Water: body movement and spinal undulation movement CSF

  1. Fire: Energy healing from dedicated and pure space holder, light visualisation
  2. Space: Pure Unconditional Love and Stillness after the movement and the bliss

Physiologically speaking, you may feel the sense of rebirth of every cell and your new army of mitochondria, white and red blood cells are being created for your health, wealth and vitality.

This workshop may use sound healing tools like crystal Merkaba, bamboo flute, drum background music, and high-end aromatherapy.

The space holder is asking your consent to be appropriately touched, massaged and laid hands upon for energy healing.


Those who have a history of lung disease or cardiovascular restriction, please talk to your trusted doctor before joining. 

(I AM) YOU ARE taking full responsibility for your unfolding attractions.

What to prepare:

  1. Drinking water with salt nearby
  2. 80% emptied stomach (no food at least 3hr prior to the session)
  3. Warm comfortable clothes (Lenin or natural fabric if any)
  4. Personal eye pillow, if any
  5. Tissue paper or plastic bag (in case of tears and purging, you know yourself the best in this journey)



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