Piercing Light Breathwork

Bank Saengsawang

If you have been working from home and sitting too long amid the lockdowns and need a calm reset of your central nervous system, this class has been seeking YOU. We will start with some centering exercises to co-create heart-brain coherence and intentions, followed by some myofacial release (stretching) and then move into breathwork, led and channeled by your facilitator, Bank. You will be guided to open the subtle energy vessels (nadis/meridians) throughout your body and its biofield, to be pierced by immense light.

This session is recommended to those who have normal blood pressure and no history of heart or lung diseases. People who are in monthly cycle and pregnant are highly recommended to talk to the facilitator first.

Prepare for this session by wearing comfortable clothing and ensuring you have a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed.

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