Personalised Astrology Readings

Sukhmanee Chatnarang

In this transformative session, you are invited to explore the celestial map of your life. Tailored to your unique journey, you can choose a specific focus such as career, relationships, or health. Armed with this targeted insight, you can further pose two personalised questions related to your chosen topic, allowing for a deep dive into the cosmic guidance. Discover the power of aligning with your celestial self in this illuminating and insightful astrology session.  Please provide accurate birth details

About Sukhmanee:

Sukhmanee is a passionate intuitive astrologer & an Ayurvedic practitioner with a background in naturopathy. Today she interweaves the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda—a holistic healing practice with roots in India into her astrology readings. By blending Ayurveda and astrology, she shares readings that speak to each person’s unique lifestyle and healing path. During your reading, she will help you uncover your soul’s purpose, your career path, to get to know who your ideal partner is, depending on your chosen topic for the reading.

If you decide to do a health astrology reading, she will help you find the most suitable herbs, therapies, and lifestyle habits to tap into your fullest potential so you can feel healthy & vibrant. Her services will resonate with you if you are a creative, intuitive soul, spiritual entrepreneur, or a truth seeker.



My name is Valeria Kechichian, I was born in Argentina 41 years ago and have been living in Europe for the past 20 years.

I was always able to read people’s energy and in 2017 my amazing teacher Rebeca Lacasa introduced me to the Akashic Records, which changed my life forever. Since then, I’ve been assisting the healing process of many people around the world.

I share what I channel, spiritual knowledge, healing techniques, tips to live more consciously and guided meditations in a bimonthly newsletter called AKASHA (akasha.substack.com).

I also run my non-profit Longboard Women United that brings basic aid, healing and empowerment into some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Some of our programs run in India, Malaysia and Belgium.

This work has been featured in all major media worldwide and I’ve given two TEDx Talks.

Assisting and in-service of the Planetary ascension process.

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