New Worlds. New Adventures: Why 2023 is the start of a whole new epoch!

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

Astrology is the study of the planets in motion around the Sun. 

Some planets take less than a year to complete their orbit. While other planets can take hundreds of years. One such long hauler is the planet Pluto. The Roman god ‘Pluto’, just like his Greek counterpart ‘Hades’, is the ‘Lord of The Underworld’. With the ‘Underworld’ being the realm of the dead, a place of transformation; from darkness to light, from shadow to awakening, from death unto re-birth. It is also the place of smoldering eroticism, power, sexuality and ecstatic transformation. Pluto’s domain is typically deep, dark and intense, just like the sign it rules – Scorpio and the house it rules, the infamous 8th. 

As well Pluto’s realm is mysterious, best traversed incognito. Secrets kept, truth be told, a place of hidden riches. 

And in 2023, after 226 years, Pluto will be entering the sign of Aquarius, where it will be for the next 20 years. This my friends, is the beginning of a new epoch! As well, 2023, sees a number of significant planetary shifts, with Jupiter in Aries ushering in new beginnings, new adventures and Saturn in Pisces heralding new ground from which we will be challenged and for what to be on guard for.

To find out more about what makes 2023 such a pivotal year, join ‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’ for this astrology workshop on Saturday at 11:00am.


World renowned astrologer, ‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’, is known for her in-depth and accurate astrology readings. 

Kirilly has been an astrologer for 27 years. As well as completing 14 years of post-graduate training in the fields of psychology and transpersonal, shamanic and process-oriented psychotherapy, Kirilly has been working in private practice as a clinical therapist for the past 16 years. 

Driven by a deep thirst for Truth, Kirilly has spent many years dedicated to spiritual practice- above and beyond all things! Many years ago, to her great delight and surprise, whilst studying Classical Tantra, Yoga and Astrology in India, Kirilly received an ‘empowerment’ direct from Shiva via an Astrologer-Brahmin to be able to read astrology charts via direct transmission. It happened in a flash! 

Kirilly still loves the technical aspects of astrology and teaches them but is mostly guided via transpersonal awareness states when working with clients. 

And yes, you too might find that 2023 has some extra ordinary flash of insight in stall for you as 2023 is the year when many of us will by taken by surprise to change direction in our lives. 

An astrology reading can support us in so many ways, answering any and all sorts of questions, even affirming new pathways!

To find out more, visit www.kirilly.space or check out any of Kirilly’s latest astrology videos on her YouTube channel, ‘Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess’

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