Money Mindshift: Building Financial Peace & Wellness

Lena Girmain

Join us for a transformative workshop experience as we delve into the realms of financial empowerment and well-being. In “Money Mindshift: Building Financial Peace & Wellness,” we invite you to embark on a journey towards a healthier relationship with your finances.

Here’s what you can expect: We’ll dive headfirst into the murky waters of money mindset, exploring how your beliefs about money shape your financial reality and actions. From debunking old myths to embracing new habits, we’ll discuss the tools you need to transform your relationship with money from frenemy to bestie.

With over 15 years of traversing the intricate pathways of the Financial Services industry worldwide, I bring a mosaic of insights and expertise to the forefront. As a seasoned Financial Coach, certified Financial Accountability Partner, and facilitator, I am dedicated to nurturing mindful financial growth and empowerment.

I work towards guiding individuals towards a profound understanding of their relationship with money. Through understanding the behaviour with money and accountable actions, I’ve witnessed the transformative impact of embracing sound financial habits.

My mission is to inspire mindful financial habits and foster lasting change, one empowering conversation at a time.


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