Men's Circle: Rise in Loving Challenge

Jamie Wrate

Do you know the feeling of being in a circle of men who champion you? Who want you to succeed? Who will share their truth with you? Their vulnerability. Their challenge. Are you ready to be this for your brothers? 

All men, ready or not, are welcome in this circle. We will practice authentic expression, ownership of our experience, response-ability and goal-setting. 

Men’s work changes lives.

Men’s Circle: Rise in Loving Challenge – Jamie Wrate

(4.15pm Saturday 25th)


Jamie is a coach, corporate presenter, shamanic initiate and trainee psychotherapist. He has trained for six years in the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess with Xamam Alba Maria and completes his apprenticeship in the Andean lineage of plant medicine this month. He has worked with plant medicines since 2011. Jamie specialises in men’s work. Has held circles since 2018 and initiated with Mankind Project in 2013. 

His background prior to fully focusing in his healing journey and training was in education, teaching mainly London teenagers and working for a Homelessness NGO. He has degrees in Law, History/Politics and teaching.

Jamie teaches Hatha Yoga and has a black belt in Aikido. He loves to share community spaces and holds singing circles on Koh Phangan and elsewhere. 

His passion is to curate and co-create spaces for growth.


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