Meet Your Inner Child Playshop

Gemini Adams

We all carry wounds from our childhood. Our Little Ones within, who were left scared, feeling alone, angry, trapped or mis-understood frequently reappear: pulling us from adult Self into emotional flashbacks, where we shrink back to these overwhelming feelings from the past — particularly in our most significant relationships. In this fun session, we will connect with our Little Ones within, helping them to share their story, creatively and playfully, so as to form a new relationship between you and them, working together as allies, so your inner child has less power to hijack your present moment, and instead your adult can start running the show with presence, discernment and better emotional regulation and communication.

Self Belly Massage Workshop – Jasmin Kuester

(11.30 Saturday 25th)

This is a simple self-practice to connect and gracefully attune to our inner world and acknowledge stored emotions that are held in the cellular memory of your body. 

The naval and belly are the core of our being. The place where we first came onto physical existence in our human form. Connecting with this part we create space for deep relaxation, an opening to let go of old stored emotions and integrate a relationship and dialogue with ourselves, our emotions, sensations, and our internal world. 

To cultivate presence, feel more comfortable in our body and increase mental and emotional clarity supporting us to live a more embodied life.

We often experience stress and emotions that can get overwhelming. It is common in our culture and fast-paced lives to neglect or ignore our emotions, not giving them the room and space to be felt, acknowledged and processed.

By dissociating from our internal emotional world, brushing them under the carpet and not listening to our ‘gut feeling’ we lose connection to a balanced sense of self and the ability to be in touch with our intuition. This compromises our capacity to experience the whole spectrum of human emotions, pleasant and unpleasant.

Through gentle massage and deep listening, we can easily and directly access these stored emotions again to release and integrate them into our lives, which can offer us more presence, calm, and peacefulness in our day to day.


Over the past 25 years, Gemini has contributed to the fields of mental health and social change worldwide: volunteering with disabled orphans in Peru; sustainable community development with NGO’s in Africa; mentoring juvenile offenders and at-risk youth in life-changing programs in Europe; volunteering in hospice, influencing end-of-life care in the USA; teaching trauma-informed yoga with sex trafficked girls and yoga teachers in Asia; facilitating traditional Amazonian plant-medicine programs with indigenous Shipibo and Q’ero shamans in the jungles and mountains of South America; treating addicts, and has co-facilitated several programs for men and women in recovery from domestic violence, relational betrayal and abuse. 

A Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gemini has worked and volunteered with various high-impact organisations, including: The Department for Education, The Red Cross, Raleigh International, World Wildlife Fund, Tony Robbins Foundation, POD Volunteer, Charity Digital, The Temple of the Way of Light, and Safe Ireland.

Drawing on her empathic ability to relate to the immense struggle of coping with unresolved childhood trauma, combined with decades of education in trauma-informed, self-improvement, and embodiment practices, she has joyfully transformed countless lives, both in a clinical setting, her own private practice, and in the 100’s of educational programs she’s led around the globe. 


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