Adrian started The Art of Blessing in February 2016, with the aim to reach out to people on their journey to Ascension. Adrian is a highly intuitive channeler at the age of eight. 

He channeled the Maitreya Ascension Energies™ through Maitreya Buddha. The Maitreya Ascension Energies™ has guided him to spiritual missions, from clearing spaces and dealing with negative entities, mass soul sending and the closing of dimensional portals. He has also healed, coached and counseled individuals through this channeling. 

Adrian conducts weekly meditation sessions and classes in Singapore and shares about the Maitreya Ascension Energies™ to individuals, who wish to understand and heal their karmic patterns and life issues, enhance their communication skills with the spirit world, and aids them in their Ascension process.


Sally believes life is a journey of self-discovery, self-mastery and growth. Her mission is to empower and support those who desire to re-connect with their inner-selves to heal and make positive transformations in their lives.

She is a certified Crystal Energy Healer offering healing services as Intuitive Crystal Reading, Intuitive Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Reiki Therapy and Past Life Regressions. In 2017, Sally began her transformational spiritual journey. She studied and practiced meditation, psychic development and various energy healing modalities for her own healing and connection with her True Self and the Divine. Her inner-world transformation started to reflect to the outer-world in the most beautiful and loving way. Life became meaningful, joyful and filled with hope for her. It was from all of this that she discovered her sacred calling: To be of service to those who desires to heal and grow in their spiritual journey. Sally also has 9 years of hospitality management experience and 3 years of business development experience in the luxury furniture industry.

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