Living Your Human Design

Lena Erpaiboon

Have you ever wished that life came with an instruction manual? 

What if I told you that there was a tool that could help you understand how you are designed to operate in the world and help you navigate life with more ease and flow? 

In this session, we will dip our toes into the basics of the Human Design system, a powerful tool for self awareness, self acceptance and self empowerment. 

A tool that helps guide you back home to yourself, Human Design can shine light on why you are here on this planet, what lessons you are here to learn, and what gifts you are here to share. 

This is an introduction session that is great for anyone who is curious to learn more about what the system is and how it can help create more alignment in your life (even if you’ve never heard about it before). 

Everyone is welcomed, all you need is an open mind (and maybe a notebook + pen if you like taking notes)!


Lena is a Human Design Coach, Yoga Teacher and Retreat Facilitator. 

Her mission is to help guide others into finding a deeper connection within themselves and find more flow in their lives, on and off the mat. 

As a 6/2 Projector and an ex-corporate marketer, she loves helping others unleash the courage to express their true authentic essence in their daily lives and at the workplace. 

She love curating and leading wholesome healing experiences, from meditative sound journeys to women’s circles to holistic wellness retreats.


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