Learning to pivot with 'Planets in Retrograde

Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

Every year, most every planet goes through a retrograde phase. What that means, is that a planet appears to be ‘going backwards’. And every year we hear dire messages about planets in retrograde, as if this apparent backwards motion is something to be feared, resisted and that the ‘retrograde phase’ of the planet is going to be a difficult time, in whatever areas of life that planet represents.

But you know what? In my 25 years as an astrologer, I’ve never bought into such foreboding forecasts and I’m grateful that I didn’t. Instead I’ve learned to ‘go with the flow’ when it comes to retrogrades and have grown to not just love them but look forward to them. And of all the many wonderful things I’ve learned to appreciate about planets in retrograde, I’d like to share with you in this workshop, a taste of just one.”

This workshop is suitable for anyone that is keen to know more. You are welcome to come as you are.

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