Nutrition consultation (30 mins) – assess your daily dietary intake to identify deficiencies or excesses and receive customised guidance and advice on how to make changes to achieve a healthier body.

Intuitive eating consultation (30 mins) – Discuss your current eating habits, assess how intuitive you are, receive advice and guidance on how to eat more intuitively, stop emotional eating and to reframe how you see food.

Sammy, an Associate Registered Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Coach, offers a hybrid approach to health and healing: Intuitive Nutrition. She understands that food is medicine, and so helps you to discover the quality of your diet, as well as assessing your relationship with food, which is the golden ticket to living in optimal health. Sammy has the perfect combination of science and spirituality; combining 15 years of Biology teaching experience with her spiritual practice as a Reiki master, Chi Nei Tsang masseur and Yoga Teacher, she brings together all her skills to offer holistic healing.  Sammy was inspired to follow this pathway following her own journey of recovery from an eating disorder. Her nutrition expertise and intuitive nutrition advice come from a place of deep understanding of the difficult relationship we can have with food and ourselves. She is determined to help others heal so they can live in a place of freedom from restrictive diet culture mentality and find pleasure in eating again.



My name is Valeria Kechichian, I was born in Argentina 41 years ago and have been living in Europe for the past 20 years.

I was always able to read people’s energy and in 2017 my amazing teacher Rebeca Lacasa introduced me to the Akashic Records, which changed my life forever. Since then, I’ve been assisting the healing process of many people around the world.

I share what I channel, spiritual knowledge, healing techniques, tips to live more consciously and guided meditations in a bimonthly newsletter called AKASHA (akasha.substack.com).

I also run my non-profit Longboard Women United that brings basic aid, healing and empowerment into some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Some of our programs run in India, Malaysia and Belgium.

This work has been featured in all major media worldwide and I’ve given two TEDx Talks.

Assisting and in-service of the Planetary ascension process.

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