Intuitive Journalling - Writing from Your Subconscious

Romi Grossberg

Learn how to quiet your chaotic mind and listen to your true self, your intuitive self, your gut. We all have busy minds, but wouldn’t it be nice to discover how you really feel when your world goes silent?

In this workshop you will learn how to tap in to your subconscious, find lost memories, and discover hidden thoughts and emotions.

You will learn the difference between thinking from your head, your heart and your gut.
Romi will guide you through mental exercises and short meditations to reach a space of peace and calm. She will use her expertise in writing therapy to take you on a journey to your subconscious where you can write those thoughts and emotions you either didn’t know were there, or had long forgotten about.

You will go home with a new set of tools in understanding how and where you think from, how to journal intuitively and write from your subconscious whenever you want to.
This workshop is for anyone interested in how their mind works, for those keen to learn intuitive writing and for those wanting to get to know themselves on a deeper level.

Please bring pen and notepad.

Romi is an author, public speaker and qualified therapist of seventeen years. She has been facilitating writing therapy and understanding the mind workshops across Thailand, Australia and Europe for over ten years.

Romi is a TEDx presenter, SXSW mentor and the author of self-help books, ‘The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence’, ‘The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit’, and her memoir ‘Hip Hop & Hope, One woman’s journey in the slums of Cambodia’ (to be released 2024). Romi has been living in Asia for fifteen years.

https://www.instagram.com/romilovelife_counsellor, https://www.facebook.com/romi.grossberg.writer

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