Intuitive Coaching

Jaclyn Bain

An intuitive coaching session works on aligning you to your higher truth, to live more authentically with greater ease, flow, and personal power. Jaclyn works with you on multiple levels of your being to set you up to create the life you desire. A session may include the releasing of limiting beliefs, transgenerational healing and guided meditations to call in an abundance of peace, love, joy and wealth. You can experience freedom and authenticity now. Let go of the past, break the matrix of the mind, and reclaim your highest vision you have for your life in this beautifully supportive and enlightened space.


Jaclyn is a holistic wellness practitioner certified in multiple modalities including Systemic Constellations, Reiki and Yoga. She has been conscious of her spiritual path since childhood, having experienced her first spiritual healing at the age of 8. She advocates conscious living through physical wellness and nutrition, emotional mastery, and spiritual and interpersonal connection in her life as a wife and mother of two. She has enjoyed living in Jakarta, Melbourne and Bangkok, and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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