Introduction to Maitreya Ascension Energies™ - Healing Meditation

Adrian Bai

This workshop is an introduction to what Maitreya Ascension Energies™ is all about. Understanding the principles of Maitreya Ascension Energies™, including a 15 – 20 minutes Healing Meditation with the Maitreya Ascension Energies™ to restore and revitalise your being.

Adrian Bai has been a spiritual practitioner for many years.

Adrian is a highly intuitive practitioner who has worked with channeling since the age of eight. He channels the Maitreya Ascension Energies™ through the Maitreya Source.

The Maitreya Ascension Energies™ has guided him on countless spiritual missions, from clearing spaces and dealing with negative entities, mass soul sending and the closing of dimensional portals. He has also healed, coached and counselled many individuals using the guidance of the Maitreya Ascension Energies™.

Adrian conducts weekly meditation sessions and classes in Singapore. He also runs tailored workshops and courses inspired by the Maitreya Ascension Energies™ for those looking to further their practice.

Through the courses, his students are able to better understand and heal their karmic patterns and life issues, enhance their communication skills with the spirit world, and progress in their journey to Ascension.



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