Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang - Guided Self Massage Practice

Jasmin Kuester

Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang

According to the ancient Daoists the abdomen is the seat of our consciousness and emotions. Our internal organs generate and store our Life Force, also called Chi. There is a strong emphasis in TCM and Daoist Philosophy that our Life Force is directly connected to our emotions. Stagnation of this emotional energy creates blockages in a healthy circulation and flow of the Chi, this is believed to be the root cause of all illness and dis-ease.

By not expressing, allowing and experiencing our emotions we build up tension in our body, specifically in our abdomen and organs. This translates into compromises in not just the body and our physical health but also in our mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. Leading to tiredness, fatigue, digestive issues and other symptoms and conditions.

Massaging the abdomen and internal organs allows us to easily get in touch with old stored emotions to discharge and integrate them. Offering us to return to full presence and lightness of being, supporting the body to access its own healing ability.

Anyone can do the basics of CNT Abdominal Massage on themselves. Today I would like to introduce you to your own belly and show you how you can access stored emotions by gently massaging your own belly and take this practice home with you.

Please do not join if you’re pregnant.

Please wear comfortable clothing and come on an empty stomach.

Afterwards it is recommended to allow the body to rest and integrate.

Jasmin has been practicing and studying Chi Nei Tsang for over 8 years. Integrating and blending complementary modalities into this ancient practice. Blending energy and body work with somatic practices and parts work. Emotional Awareness and Mindfulness comes as foundational core aspect of her sessions, guiding people safely into their internal landscape to discharge and access stored emotions and integrate trauma. Supporting her clients to explore and discover hidden and unseen parts of themselves . She also combines Aquatic Therapy with Chi Nei Tsang and offers Embodied Integration Coaching Sessions. Her Sessions are often described as a psychedelic journey.


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