Immersive Ecstatic Dance

Damaru Sound Journeys

An Ecstatic Dance session, including a Dj set following the chapters: Connecting, moving, empowering, enjoying, listening, and contemplating. 

Through dance we express ourselves, release tension in our body, enhance a community nexus and meditate within the movement. At the beginning of the principles of the Ecstatic Dance practice are explained, and there will be a guide meditation to close the session .


I am a human being passionate about practicing sound therapy from different perspectives. My activities include handling individual treatments, workshop and course coordination, sound educational project management, music production, and performing as Dj.

Having taken western classical music education at an early age focused on piano 

playing, and following an exploration and studies on contemporary and traditional

music for more than 25 years, I received some years ago a deep instruction and 

understanding of Sound Healing practices at Svaram Sound Experience, a centre for sound research located in Tamil Nadu (India), where I had the opportunity to study deeply the vibrational part of Yoga.

With regard to my Dj side, I started to play during the mid-90s in clubs around Spain, where I was born. During all these years, I has been performing in different clubs, events, and festivals on different parts of the world, offering an ample range of music styles. 

Within an Ecstatic Dance context, I believe in the connection between traditional and contemporary sounds, with the mission of being a channel for people to experience a meditative state through music and dance. My vision follows inclusivity, being fed by different traditions around the globe lying on an electronic music bed.”




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