Sophie Leung

Are you experiencing stress and anxiety through these uncertain times? Is it affecting your confidence and are you looking for a way to improve the way you show up at work and in life?

I will take you through a calming and relaxing emotional release, shifting you from feeling stressed and anxious to feeling inner calm, peace and confident through a 1 hour hypnosis experience. Prior to the session, you will watch a 20 minute video on the Truth about Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a safe and powerful method to shift your emotions, triggers or limiting beliefs. It accesses your subconscious mind in the most relaxing way. Come and experience it for yourself!

The 1 hour 30 minute session will be conducted on zoom and will be recorded, you will receive the recording so you can benefit from it anytime, anywhere.

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of this online hypnosis session:
– Please ensure you block the time out and make sure you won’t be disturbed during the session.
– It is important that you have strong WiFi and clear audio
– Ensure that you are in a safe, secure place where you are comfortably seated with your back supported
– Your webcam is on at all times and that your camera is placed somewhere I can see you and that you can be handsfree throughout the session

You will be asked some Health and Safety questions prior to the session to ensure the session is conducted safely.


Sophie is the Founder of Sophie Leung Co and the Thriving Women’s Way. Sophie is incredibly passionate about serving and healing others. She serves both individuals and corporates in her own practice.

Her main mission in life is to empower women who experience anxiety and overwhelm to own their self-worth, voice, and authentic power to live a successful life based on their own terms. Through her practice, she has served and helped many women leaders to step into their power.

She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Life Coach and EFT Practitioner. Prior to this, Sophie spent a decade in Relationship Management, HR and Recruitment in renowned multinational corporations such as Citibank, HSBC etc.

Sophie mainly resides in multicultural city of Singapore but she usually is found exploring the world, learning about different cultures. She also can be found somewhere in nature or by the water.

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