Human Design Intro

Mariaroza Balance

Human Design System is a combination of ancient and modern sciences that has been proven to be a practical and efficient tool for self-discovery & decision-making. 

Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how unique you are as a person, and guides you to live in a manner that is aligned with who you truly are. It offers profound insights into your physiology, psychology, strengths/weaknesses, spiritual purpose, along with strategies & techniques for making correct decisions. 

Human Design is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system. Over time, this helps one learn what brings true fulfilment. Everyone has a Signature — peace, satisfaction, success or surprise – that comes when they are aware of & living in accordance with their true nature.

In this intro you will understand how Human Design can help you to improve your life in the most practical and precise way according to your unique nature. 


Maria is the Inspirational Coach, Wellness consultant, Detox and Fasting Specialist, Holistic Nutritionist, Psychologist, Reiki Master-Teacher and Herbologist. 

In addition, she is a Human Design Specialist who’s insights will provide you with supportive insights during being with us.

Since the age of 16 years, Maria has committed herself to the research  & practice of varying approaches for human health, spiritual growth, and bodywork. 

Maria has healed herself and many others, through the structure of detox & fasting programs, natural supplements, and knowledge-based support.  

She has personally recovered from chronic illnesses, including epilepsy, a tumor and a complicated spinal injury. She managed this without surgery and pharmaceuticals. 

After finishing PHD in science in 2012 she started her journey of fulfilling her childhood dreams and had a successful career as artist performer, capoeira instructor, dancing teacher and holistic coach, until the sudden injury didn’t put her in almost helpless and disabled condition. 

Realising that  her own  subconscious self-damaging patterns is the real reason of the issue, inspired her to dedicate her life to exploring tools and methods for helping other people as well to overcome their blockages and damaging beleives.

 Maria offers Human Design workshops, personal & partnership readings, which can guide you to understanding of your true self. The Human Design systems offers wisdom and tools for the creation of your new path and a greater acceptance of your unique nature. 


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