How to Transform stress into creativity with Journaling

Amandine Mas

If you are a “Joy Driven Person” who thinks that, beyond your obstacles and life lessons, you are here to play and have fun….

…..This workshop will give you a daily juicy routine to turn your stress, anxieties and insecurities into meaning, creativity and balance, in the different areas of your life (wellness, health, relationships, business).

The 2 easy and science based steps we will go through during the workshop :

Get into your natural flow state in minutes to :

Relax your busy mind
Get out of your head and stress
Raise your energy and positive vibes
Rewire your brain in creative mode
Listen to your intuition and subconscious messages

Free-write and attract your best Iife by :

Dissolve what has been holding you back for years (emotions, thoughts, tensions)
Reconnect with your joy, playfulness and inner kid’s energy
Create a clear and stimulating roadmap ( to manifest positive changes)
Find innovating solutions each time you get stuck (and commit with them)
Choose, empowerment trust and pleasure over anxiety and stress

You just need a notebook, a pen and a quiet environment to attend this workshop.

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