How to strengthen, heal and prepare your core
for pregnancy and after giving birth

Anna Downs

Walk away from this session feeling empowered with knowledge about your amazing body with practical ‘plug and play’ strategies and exercises to help you strengthen, prepare for pregnancy and heal your core after giving birth. 

This workshop is for you if:

* Your planning on becoming pregnant

* You are pregnant

* You’ve ever given birth (6 week or 16+ years ago)

* Are struggling with your core strength

* Suspect you have, or have been diagnosed with a Diastasis Recti (separation of the stomach muscles)

* Have a C-section (or abdominal surgery) scar 

* Feel like your tummy is ‘poochy’ or sticks out

* Are experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain

* Have noticed changes in your pelvic floor i.e. leaking when you sneeze or vaginal pain and discomfort

* Have lost confidence in which exercises to do and why
Practical Info: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. 
  • The session will be conducted without shoes (so bring socks if you don’t want to be barefoot).
  • No need to bring a notebook – you will be sent a summary of the exercises after the workshop.

No need to prepare anything.


Over the past 11 years I have supported over 1,000 women, ranging from 6-week pregnant to 16-year postpartum as well as winning a UK national business award, have been featured on British Television and had articles published in mainstream UK media.

 I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you and help support your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.


FB & IG @movewellwithanna

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