Holistic Counselling

Romi Grossberg

Forward thinking guidance in mental health, emotional health, relationship and family advice, career choice, life skills and writing therapy skills. In a 30-minute session you can come for advice around a specific issue, a particular mental health topic, writing therapy skills or a more general life conversation, and walk away feeling calm, grounded and empowered with a new understanding and a new skill to take into your personal life.


Romi is an author of two self-help books, a writing therapist, mental health school Professional Development trainer and a qualified counsellor. She is an open-minded professional therapist who specialises in mental health and emotional well-being. With over fifteen years experience working with adults and teenagers, she is most well-known for breaking down seemingly complex topics to be simple, relatable and achievable. Romi is passionate about making mental health make sense for everybody, sharing her skills and teaching simple processes that you can take home and apply for yourself.

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