Heart Dance with Petra and Tzvi

Petra Karsenbarg

Welcome to “Heart-Dance” – a transformative movement meditation blending rhythm, voice and connections.

Experience a safe place to allow silence, embrace grace and celebrate life. Heart-Dance is one of the group movement meditations in the Osho community, inspired by sacred circle dances from various cultures around the world . This dynamic experience invites you to navigate through joy, vulnerability, freedom, authenticity and unity.
Through playful improvisations, songs and heartfelt exchanges, we unlock depths, and feel nourished being part of a tribe. Join the journey in circles of self-discovery and unique meetings with others. Let the rhythm of your heart guide you into the beauty of being human and add your essence to the dance of life.

As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Petra specializes in regulating and re-patterning healthy and resilient nervous systems, conscious and creative embodiment and guides transformative journeys towards healthier living strategies.

Petra has 20 years of experience of individual sessions and holding groups in personal development. She is guiding with her wisdom from bodywork, healing, water therapy, teaching yoga, qigong, dance and holding workshops and ceremonies.

Having a degree in Master of Fine Arts, she started her career as an architect and designer. Keen on sustainability she was teaching sustainable design in design schools and gave form to spaces for health, connection, relaxation and personal growth.

Committed to creating transformative environments, her sessions are designed as creative, safe spaces, emphasizing playfulness and authenticity, nurturing a deeper connection with ourselves, others and our Earth.

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