Healing yoga, breathwork for trauma, distance healing energy work, holding space for healing (spiritual life counseling)

Bank Photiruk Saengsawang

We are, NOW, living in one of the greatest times in human history and many of us are in volatile state, economically, socially, energetically and spiritually. Many are feeling separated, isolated, lost and stressed. If during this time you are drawn to holistical ‘work’, to invest in your Self Love, Kru Bank may be the practitioner that you are looking for.

His holistic offers for one-on-one online session can ranging from:

  • Yoga (any style needed for individual)
  • Pilates toning physical muscle
  • Distant Energy Work from the heart center (spiritual muscle)
  • Spiritual Life Coaching or Counseling (recalibrating your Life’s compass in this unique time)
    and Breathworks (pranayamas, including his signatured PLB or Piercing Light Breathwork)

Bank is a 500 hours certified Yoga Teacher

His sessions have been known as “awakening yoga”, “inner chi healing”, “Piercing Light Breathwork” or PLB, “awakening yoga” or sometimes “the flow of life” simulated from real life of human experiences. His heart-led sequences wholeheartedly encompass all facets of yoga like pranayama, bundha, mudras meditation, then child pose, warm up poses with alignment based hatha style building up to peak poses via vinyasa style then followed by a restorative or yin poses and then blissful savasana pose which challenges and invites all practitioners to dive deeper than asana into the state of Samadhi, the essence of all spirituality which all human beings can directly experience.

His sessions embody elements such as safe alignments, micro-movement and micro-adjustment, sound healing, breath works, mudras, energy healing, essential oils and body awareness to deepen students inner healing though ups and downs in life, cultivating blissful photon/light emanation both on the mat and off the mat to the challenging world.

He is inspired via intuitive intelligence downloads and sequencing merging many rivers of yogic traditions like Hatha, vinyasa, yin, Qi gong, kundalini into one class depending on the energy of the collective group and the given theme of the class. He feels that yoga should BE non-dualistic and non-separation since all labels essentially aim towards one goal, Samadhi, non-dual bliss and homeostasis.

Physical and emotional healing, more abundance mindset unlocked could be the side effect and after effect from his classes as many has witnessed.

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