Healing Circle for Mental Vitality, Stress & Trauma

Olga Vita

Human connection circle for talking and mutual support in tough life moments and healing past traumas. 

Olga Vita will offer a few ideas from the Super Brain protocol for better emotional resilience.

Some of them are botanicals (Adaptogens, Nervines, Nootropics), some nutraceuticals and supplements, some are physical activities (Breathing, Self-Bodywork: shaking medicine, thymus reset, stress relief facial tapping, eye relaxation), some are about Vitality Mindset (re-membering and response-ability tips for reconnecting with your integrity and interbeing).

All the participants are encouraged to share their experiences, feelings, request support and to share whatever they found helpful.

Intention is to have a warm, safe space for sharing about mental health challenges and help each other heal.


Olga’s signature Vitality Project is a creative combo of Traditional Naturopathy, Eastern Healing Arts and modern advances in health care she has been studying and practicing on 3 continents: Europe, Asia and America for over 20 years. 

Functional SuperFood Nutrition, Holistic Detox, Biohacking, Vitality Movement Flow, Bioresonance and Mindfulness help reveal Vitality: Health & Happiness. Results show up as radiant beauty and healthy longevity. 

Since most health issues come from Toxicity, Deficiency and Stagnation, the solutions are likely to be Detox, Nutrition and Flow on all levels of existence: Body, Mind and Spirit. 

She is a Certified Instructor of the Semenova Method that involves Physiological Nutrition, Colon & Liver Protocols, Parasite/Candida Cleanse, Herbs, Strelnikova Paradox Breathing, Hirudotherapy and Bio Testing.


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